Copyright: Nina White
2012 - 2021

Stay is an ongoing body of work which I began in 2012 as both a cathartic escape and a desperate effort to record my grandparents as their health rapidly declined. The initial chapter of this project responded to a period of intense hospitalisation, medical intervention, and the disruptions that occur to everyday life in order to support loved ones no longer able to care for themselves. I continued to photograph my family through the calm that followed this traumatic period and the eventual and inevitable return to crisis as my grandfather’s health again failed. The initial themes of the work surrounding trauma, loss, mortality, and grief grew into an overwhelming mourning after the death of my grandfather in 2016. In March this year, after nearly five years of ongoing deterioration and upheaval my grandmother passed away. The images here represent some of a continuing non-linear narrative of intimacy, trauma, loss, and love which I cannot affectively verbalise and my meagre attempts to come to terms with the loss of two people so central to my world.