Copyright: Nina White
2012 - 2021

This work is a record of the year I spent documenting the entwined lives of the Duncan family - a family of twelve in total, with nine still living at home. Kim and Vern have ten children, Jasmine, Elaine, Mariah, Aleasha, Jackie, Sandy, Jake, Tania, Rebecca and Cody.

The Duncans are incredibly tight-knit despite the size of their family. Having known them most of my life, I have always been in awe of their love, patience and intimacy.

Living on rural acreage, their lifestyle is far removed from the majority of suburban families today, and from the experience of many as children. Their daily life is inextricably linked to the animals they care for on their property - constant reminders of the fragility of life.

I hope with this work to present a privileged view into their lives, giving people a rare insight into what I see as an extraordinary family filled with compassion, intimacy, honesty, playfulness and determination.